As a New York State Farm Brewery, Lithology Brewing Co. takes pride in our invaluable partnerships across Long Island and New York State. Working with the local farms and business is important to us, and we hope our Lithology community continues to grow. 


New York State Brewers Association

Lithology Brewing Co. is a proud member of the New York State Brewers Association. The Brewers Association is a strong proponent for craft breweries, and help support the growth of the industry throughout New York State. NYSBA hosts a variety of craft beer events, provide education material, and have an awesome app for finding your local brewery.

Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's

Crossroads Farm is an organic farm in Malverne, New York that supplies Lithology Brewing Co. with fresh ingredients for our beer. From chamomile and honey, to squash and thyme, Lithology gets a variety of quality produce that we value as a NYS Farm Brewery. In addition, Lithology Brewing is often involved with their events, so come on down and check out the farm!